Its nice to be back

Nathan Yospe yospe at
Wed Feb 12 17:07:36 CET 1997

   Well, we've been down a good four months now, or so, haven't we? I
can't wait to see what you guys have cooked up in the downtime. As for my
own project, I have gone full hybrid: a fully compiled, driver free MUD
with a fully functional, partial compile, OO language framework, which,
though clumsy, still looks a heck of a lot better than the two commercial
equivalents I've used. (QuakeC and 4D internal) The end result is a MUD
with the compiled advantages... speed and small executable/runtime memory
usage... and the flexibility of an engine/lib design. I've also extended
polymorphism a bit... anything can be composed of any number of
components, and any action that can be performed on any tangible can be
attempted on any other tangible, likewise with locations and intangibles.
Of course, attempting to put your sword into a walrus usually causes it to
try to put its tusks into you, but that's hardly unreasonable. I have also
added a natural language parser. I discussed this on several of the
newsgroups, but if anyone has any more suggestions, I would appreciate
hearing them. 
   Again, its nice to be back. I'll be posting regularly, again. I look
forward to hearing from the rest of you soon.

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