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Thu Feb 13 19:05:11 CET 1997

Hey there -- as the system should have told you, you have to subscribe
first...  I'd love to see you in there.  Just send a message to
mud-dev-admin at with a subject of "subscribe" and wait for the

NB I've crossed this reply to the list.

On 12/02/97 at 09:31 PM, cg at ami-cg.GraySage.Edmonton.AB.CA (Chris Gray)
said: >> NOTE: I'm on a new job so will have little time to participate. 
Don't >> expect my old level of posting for a while.

>Aw, who's going to fill up my hard drive now?

<chortle>  I'm on a new contract at Charles Schwab, and they're being a
mite pushy about deadlines for me to have much time for the list right now

>I'm still in pretty much the same position as I was before. I'm quite
>close to releasing V1.1 of my system, which has lots of new features in
>the custom graphics client.

Pretty much the stuff we were discussing on Wout's list?

Writing of which, anybody heard from him?  He hasn't replied to several
emails, tho none of them bounced.

>I'll take this opportunity to ask a question that has come up for me.
>Anyone know how to map from RGB to HSV in colourspace? 

Not an area I'm familiar with.  I'd be real tempted to have a chat with
the TrueSpectra or ColorWorks people on that.  They're both pretty neat
chaps who are more than willing to explain the gritty details.

> I want something
>that doesn't need floating point, and is fairly quick. When loading
>images, I sometimes have to map the palette of the image to the palette
>the user is using in his GUI. I currently do this with some ad-hoc code
>that does a not-bad job, but I think I might do a better job using
>weighted differences in HSV space. My very old graphics text doesn't even
>mention colours in it! (I know - time to get a new one.)

Hopefully if you subscribe quickly enough you'll be in time to get any of
the other's replies.  (I have to turn in early tonight, so you'll have a
day lead before the list gets to re-spit this message to all the members).

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