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Wed Feb 26 22:11:14 CET 1997

On 26/02/97 at 02:31 PM, Nathan Yospe <yospe at hawaii.edu> said:

>OK, I'm not sure how many of us are back up here... and I'm not sure if
>this is even going to get through, as I've been having very slow response
>times for this list... but here goes on a little free pondering.

Sorry about the response times.  As I mentioned earlier this is running
off my dialup account, and while I try to poll for mail every day,
sometimes the wife and I conspire to miss a day or so.  (Aside: My ISP has
also been having mail backups recently which bit rather hard over the
weekend and late last week).

I'll try to keep it flowing better, but no promises on anything better
than a 24hr turn-around time.

NB I'll address the 3D continuous space concept in another reply.  I need
to go conspire not to do mail right now.

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