[MUD-Dev] DevMUD: CVS Tree is ready. Are your sources?

J C Lawrence claw at kanga.nu
Sun Nov 1 22:29:12 CET 1998

Okay, it is time to start putting your code where your keyboard is.

Please see:


There is of course very close to nothing under the DevMUD tree.  You
may also note that there are several other trees checked in under CVS
(CoolMUD, Interlude, UberMUD, UnterMUD).  Enjoy.

  Aside: I'm potentially open to adding other trees to the repository
at Kanga.Nu pending applications.

You can find the CVS sources for 1.10 (the version installed here)
either at the Cyclic site (http;//www.cyclic.com/ and more bandwidth
than Kanga.Nu) or under ftp://ftp.kanga.nu/pub/CVS/cvs-1.10.tar.gz.
You will need to build and install this (or the matching pre-built
binaries at Cyclic) and a recent version of RCS (the GNU version is
suggested) in order to do anything but browse the CVS tree via the
above CGI browser.  

I understand that CVS has rather particular concerns when run on
Windows boxen (95 or NT).  I do *NOT* know what these are.  I do know
that it can work, and that there are pre-built binaries available.
Any CVS-generic problems in this area should be handled on the
relevant CVS mailing lists (see the Cyclic web site).  I'd also
recommend the relevant mailing list archives at

For those of a JAVA bent, there is a portable and and rather slick
looking JAVA interface to CVS which can be found at
http://www.ice.com/java/jcvs/.  Note: I have not used it and have no
data other than the above URL and several recommendations from good
sources.  Its also worth looking at the Cyclic web site for the other
CVS related applications -- some are pretty slick (eg TKcvs/TKdiff).

For general documentation you can find the postscript versions of the
Cederqvist and other documents on CVS in the CVS-Doc repository on
Kanga.Nu.  A more useful (especially for HOW-TO level questions)
resource is the searchable documentation at InterActivate

Outside of the above Web based CVS browser (which is read-only BTW),
the *ONLY* access to the CVS respository at kanga.Nu is via SSH pipes.

I'm running SSH 2.09 here.  Please do not try to connect to kanga.Nu
with any version prior to 1.26 as prior versions have well known and
documented exploits.  Please see the main SSH site at
http://www.ssh.fi/ for further SSH resources, or the SSH mailing list
archives at http://www.egroups.com/list/ssh/.  

  Aside: Due to US encryption export regulations SSH is not available
in either source or binary from from Kanga.Nu.  From where ever you do
get your SSH sources or binaries, please verify that their digital
signatures are both authentic and trustworthy.  I recommend getting
your sources directly from the SSH people and building the binaries
locally.  This gives you the added option of building against TCP

You will need to set up an SSH pipe to Kanga.Nu scross which you then
point your local CVS clients:

  ssh -n -S -l cvs_user -L 2401: kanga.nu

Note: The password for cvs_user is "guest".  (Translation: For some
reason running with no password doesn't work quite right).  

The above command merely establishes s secure link to Kanga.Nu for CVS
traffic.  It does not log you into the CVS system on Kanga.Nu.  You
will need to apply for and receive a CVS account on Kanga.Nu before
you can do that.

You would then login to CVS on Kanga.Nu ala:

  cvs -d :pserver:YourCVSUserID at localhost:/home/cvs_root login

and enter your assigned Kanga.Nu CVS password.  

Many aspects of the CVS and SSH installation on Kanga.Nu are still
likely to change.  Please bear with me.

If you have any questions, concerns, or observations on the above,
please do not discuss them on the list.  Instead, email me at
coder at kanga.nu (gets me at work and at home).

J C Lawrence                               Internet: claw at kanga.nu
----------(*)                             Internet: coder at kanga.nu
...Honourary Member of Clan McFud -- Teamer's Avenging Monolith...

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