[MUD-Dev] Re: Spell components, chemistry, and the like...

Ben Greear greear at cyberhighway.net
Tue Nov 10 19:05:50 CET 1998

Here's how I do constructions and concoctions in ScryMUD.  It's
not exactly spell components, but maybe it will offer food for

I use a fairly simplistic, though powerful (IMHO) approach
to components for concoctions (ie potions) and constructions
(ie build a shield from a bearskin and a hoop of metal.)

I have up to five objects in a construction/concoction, and each
knows about the other.  I also have cauldrons and toolboxes, in which
the player must place their items.  This puts some restrictions on
how easy it is to just guess what goes in a given concoction.

When the items are in the container, then the player can try to
concoct them.  If an un-needed component is in the container, then
a message to that effect is given.  If not all of the components
needed are in the container, the user is also told of one of the
missing components.

Players can learn the concoct and construct skills early in
the game, but they are restricted to the level of the components,
so a level 5 sage would not be able to put together a lazer rifle
from a ruby, some mirrors and an Ultra-LED!

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