[MUD-Dev] DevMUD: List data, subscription, and the rest

J C Lawrence claw at kanga.nu
Sun Nov 29 15:16:49 CET 1998

This is mostly a repeat of the earlier posting with the same subject,
rephrased here to get everything into one place.  There are now two
accompanying lists for MUD-Dev, centered around the DevMUD project:
devmud at kanga.nu and dev-mud-dev at kanga.nu.

The DevMUD list centers on the discussion of the design and
development of the DevMUD project.  DevMUD-Dev is for those people
actively working on development, and is concerned with source changes,
and the like.

To subscribe send a message variously to devmud-request at kanga.nu or
devmud-dev at kanga.nu with a message body of "subscribe".  eg:

  To:  devmud-request at kanga.nu, devmud-dev-request at kanga.nu
  From: <you>


Anybody may subscribe to both lists.  Posting authority is by
application to the list owner only <devmud-owner at kanga.nu>.
Requirements for posting authority to both lists are being a member
_and_ having posting authority on MUD-Dev.  Requirements for posting
authority to DevMUD-Dev additionally enclude being directly involved
in the coding or documentation of DevMUD as per the DevMUD dictator.

The lists will be archived but will not (initially) have a web
presence for the archives.  I'll get the web archives set up after I
finish getting the new Alpha rolled in instead of the current box.

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