[MUD-Dev] Atention SSH/Java-developers (MindTerm update)

J C Lawrence claw at kanga.nu
Mon Nov 30 22:52:09 CET 1998

Security of MUD connections is normally not a concern (who cares who
snoops your game sockets?), but authentication of identity is very
much a concern (Is this the same player as X?  Is this really X?)
Could be useful, especially with serv-seide generated keys provided to

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Date: Mon, 30 Nov 1998 09:04:10 +0100 (MET)
From: Mats Andersson <mats at mindbright.se>
To: ssh at clinet.fi
Subject: Attention SSH/Java-developers (MindTerm update)
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I have put together a new release (quite minor, but anyway). Most notable
news in this release is for java-developers. The classes are cleaned out a
bit (much more should be done though) making it much more simple to derive
stuff from the code. Also a totally transparent "mode-of-usage" is
introduced through the classes SSHSocket/SSHServerSocket/SSHSocketFactory
(and a few interfaces) which enables a developer to utilize ssh in much
the same way some ssl-extensions can be used, i.e. to transparently
convert an applet/application to communicate through encrypted
(ssh-)tunnels. You don't have to know the inner workings of ssh to do
this. I will try to document all this, but for now the source is the only
documentation (use the source Luke... :-). Anyway for the curious I have
javadoc'ed the stuff (put up on the web). 

As usual see: <http://www.mindbright.se/mindterm/>


/Mats Andersson

PS. People who downloaded the stuff the last 24 hours, try again, there
were some stuff that got mixed up in the process of putting it out...
Sorry about this!

>From the release notes:

MindTerm, release 0.96 - Nov 29, 1998

MindTerm is an entirely FREE(*) SSH (currently v1.5) client program
written in pure Java. It is more than yet another ssh-client, apart
from beeing multi-platform, it's also a full set of packages enabling
people to make their own ssh-client and/or "ssh-aware"
java-applications/applets (e.g. special/proprietary proxies, ssh-aware
applications/applets speaking to proprietary daemons behind firewall
etc). It has one other notable feature setting it apart from some
other clients, a special ftp-tunnel which works with "ordinary" ftpd's
"behind" the sshd.

(*) Only restriction is that you can't derive commercial work from it
    without our written permission.

New in this release (mainly for java-developers):
    o  Exit to command-shell without disconnecting (finally :-)
    o  Dynamic handling of port-forwards from the command-shell, local
       ports can be added/deleted "on the fly" (remote ports can only be
       ('list', lists open tunnels).
    o  Can now run single command-line without shell.
    o  New interfaces SSHAuthenticator/SSHClientUser/SSHConsole makes
       it very easy to use the SSHClient class separately.
    o  New method in SSHClient (doSingleCommand) to be able to do a
       single command on the sshd-machine.
    o  SSHSocket/SSHServerSocket/SSHSocketFactory for fully transparent
       usage of SSH in an arbitrary application/applet (see sample code
       for usage).
    o  Documentation started (a lot to do here... :-).
    o  Code cleaned out and reorganized a bit (more on the way)

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