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> A small gameworld would encourage crowding and more player-player
> interaction but this very same advantage can be a disadvantage.  It
> could also help avoid the Brand New and Damn Empty Mud Syndrome that
> afflict most muds when they start out.  More attention could be paid to
> detail so locations could be made more intricate.

This is insteresting...  I had been trying to think of MUD aspects that are
accepted as truths without question.  Bigger Is Better is almost certainly

However, if a MUD is going to be run this way, somehow I doubt that there
will be any "secrets."  If there are, it would probably be best if there
were in-game reasons to keep the knowledge to oneself.  And they would have
to be strong enough reasons to fight the average teenager's (me five years
ago :) need to show off to newbies.  Hmm.

PvP Politics would probably help keep player interest high.  (There would
have to be something, imagine a freshly cloned Diku, with only Miggard...
*shudder*)  As would allowing player programming, but that starts to tread
into MOO-land...

Expansion of the gamewould could be handled also, if rooms were added one at
a time.  (I guess this would only work in wilderness - "Why does the main
street just end?")  There would not be the typical "new area rush" that is
so common.

Interesting idea.  *thinks more*

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