[MUD-Dev] In-Game Languages

Richard Woolcock KaVir at dial.pipex.com
Tue Apr 6 19:07:22 CEST 1999

Eli Stevens (KiZurich) wrote:

[snip language code]

> Thoughts?  Comments?  Does anyone else have any projects along these lines?

I've got an entertaining piece of language distortion code which makes speech
offensive (adding insults in strategic locations within the text).  If a player 
with no social skills talks, other people see their 'adjusted' sentence, often 
taking great offence.  Players who have been around for a while usually work out 
what is going on, but newer players have been known to kill each other because
of mud-generated insults.

I also have another piece of code which just garbles speech (although nothing
as complex as what you've done).  It swaps vowels with other vowels and non-
vowels with other non-vowels so that the speech is still (usually) pronouncable,
and some of the letters are duplicated to prevent people using scripts to speak
properly (although some simple words are still possible).

> I remember once, a long time back, KaVir had posted (on alt.mud.programming)
> some pretty intense code for enforcing naming rules for PCs, making them
> conform to a language.  If you are listening, do you still have those (and,
> more importantly, do you want to share?  :) KaVir?

It was already posted by the time I read this :)


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