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 >Of course, by removing all/most text (the more graphics we are able to
 >create, the less text we would need), we are "moving away" from the whole
 >concept of a mud, regardless of our base. There are, of course, certain
 >things that could never (realistically) be removed, such as text from
 >says/tells, but most other text can be replaced by graphics.

 >So, what is a good balance? Would making the mud "graphical" rather than
 >text based destroy the basis of our being a MUD? Are limited graphics

When this sort of topic has come up in the past, several folks have
said that they don't like any graphics at all in MUDs. Others are
willing to allow it as long as the nature of the game doesn't change.
Likely you'll see answers with some of their reasons.

Personally, I prefer a nice mix of text and graphics. I find that
navigating in a top-down world view, by just pressing numeric keypad
keys, is considerably easier than typing normal movement commands. I
now find it overtaxing to play in a straight text mode. Players that
use your system may see the same effect over time.

I wouldn't want to get rid of text descriptions, etc. altogether. It is
a lot of work to make graphics to replace all of the text - e.g. detailed
descriptions of objects have to be replaced by images that are large and
clear enough to show all of the details you want the player to see.
Also, even though few people can produce really good text, most people
can produce usable text. Few people can produce what today's players
might consider as acceptable graphics. Going into full graphics puts
you in a realm where the player's expectations are different. If you
don't have a team of good graphic artists, you probably won't meet those
new expectations. I suggest getting rid of the everyday text when you
know the player is seeing graphics, but keep the special text, such as
long room descriptions and object descriptions. Also keep text messages
about what is going on. A scrollable history of such stuff is a valuable
playing aid. To avoid the problem of high expectations with graphics,
you might try cartoonish graphics, or highly stylized graphics.

I've thought about trying to do the South Park Canadian type of graphics
(as in Terrence, Philip and Ike), but I'm not sure my talents are even
up to that!

Don't design inefficiency in - it'll happen in the implementation.

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