[MUD-Dev] Blending graphics with text

Alex Stewart riche at crl.com
Mon Apr 19 12:34:15 CEST 1999

> > I am somewhat hesitant to replace text with voice, mainly because
> > most players like to log their sessions. If text information was
> > replaced with sound, would this still be possible?
> You'd have to log the sound -- the interface problem is that sound
> is not (easily) searchable/indexable/generically_processable.

Something I've been considering for a while (but will never get around to, so
if somebody wants to steal the idea, please do, as I'd like to see how it works
out) is integrating a MUD system with speech-to-text software (and possibly
text-to-speech) to bridge this gap (as well as bridging the gap between
text-only users and those who wanted audio communication ability).  Speech
recognition software has finally reached the point that this is actually

Of course there are still other issues like the fact that audio takes up a lot
more bandwidth than text..

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