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In <URL:/archives/meow?group+local.muddev> on Sat 21 Aug, Greg Miller wrote:
> Ling Lo wrote:

> > Yes it did (having written a mudlib using 2.4.5 as a springboard).
> > However, I'd argue that most admins attempting something with 2.4.5 don't
> > see the lack of classes as a feature and then proceed to code in guilds.

> This is true... and much regretted on some of those muds. I've been
> wishing for years that the original Ancient Anguish wizzes had thought
> to build a skill system rather than classes when they started out. Now
> the users are begging for a multiclassing kludge, which likely won't
> happen unless somebody incredibly industrious happens along and reworks
> a signficant amount of mudlib code.

Do -NOT- give in to player demands in this!  Multi-classing are the root
of all evil!
Seriously,  multi-classing is a bad idea because it makes the individual
players more self sufficient.  It detracts from  the cooperative aspects
of a mud  and in the end promotes selfish behaviour.  I have seen a num-
ber of muds go downhill after they allowed multi-classing. Problems that
never before occured (PK, newbie slaughter, vendetta's and worse) became
common  and new players had an increasingly difficult time to get 'into'
the game.
The other problem with it  is that it is near impossible  to balance the
game once you allow multi-classing. You have, after all, low level char-
acters running around with top-level equipment.

If you absolutely have to have multi-classing  then make the disadvanta-
ges so severe that nine out of ten players would decide against it.

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