[MUD-Dev] Singleton design pattern (OT?)

Cynbe ru Taren cynbe at muq.org
Tue Aug 31 15:33:28 CEST 1999

||  Eli Stevens once said:
||  I have been working on the problem of how to best implement the Singleton
||  class [1] from _Design Patterns_, by Gamma, et al. in C++.  I have wasted a
||  lot of time fooling around with this, and now that I have an answer that I
||  think I like, I am going to throw it out in hopes that someone else will be
||  saved a bit of time.  :)

Last company I worked at (Activerse, a Java outfit) the guys were threatening to
strangle the next person to implement a Singleton in company code.  Seems like
in practice most of them turn out to need multiple instances sooner or later,
and recoding to allow this is a pain.

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