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Matthew Mihaly diablo at best.com
Tue Aug 31 22:10:08 CEST 1999

On Tue, 31 Aug 1999, Caliban Tiresias Darklock wrote:

> And when your system gets "much more complicated", it's not the same
> system. Very minor omissions and nuances can completely change the face of
> a game. Small things are everything.

Alright, it's clearly not the same system, and thank god, because no one
would pay me if I offered them a game as boring as rock paper scissors.

> However, it seems reasonably obvious that when someone says "might makes
> right", they mean the traditional interpretation of things revolving around
> "do what I say or I'll kick your ass". When someone can say this with
> impunity, you have such a system. If you can walk around and say "you can
> never beat me in combat" -- you know, like you do -- with a reasonable
> degree of conviction, then you have such a system. 

I've never claimed no one can beat me in combat. I have been beaten. I
claimed that no one (aside from a really concerted effort the scope of
which is beyond what anyone would bother doing to beat me in combat in
Achaea) can design an automated system that can beat me. Anyone with my
level of ability in our combat system stands a reasonable chance of
beating me (obviously). An automated system just wouldn't be able to take
them out either.

> But if anyone, even a brand new player, could very well be capable of
> pounding your cocky belligerent ass into a stain on the carpet... well,
> then you have things a little different, don't you? Can you throw your
> weight around and say "no one will ever beat me" when any intelligent
> person looking at your offensive and defensive capabilities can easily
> identify several readily available weapons against which you have no
> effective defense? When anyone you come across may very well have them,
> through sheer blind luck if nothing else? 

Thank god no. I'm interested in systems where experience gives a big
advantage. My players would view it as a waste of time if a newbie could
drop a thousand dollars on his character and suddenly kick even the best
fighters rears. As I've stated, our combat is a sport, in my opinion, and
like in any sport, experience counts for a lot. No one walks onto the
basketball court for the first time with a prayer in hell of beating
Michael Jordan.

> Have you ever met anyone who claims to be undefeatable at
> rock/paper/scissors? Nope. Why? Because you *can't* be undefeatable.
> Elegant, isn't it? 

Pointless elegance insofar as I'm concerned. Maybe nice as a party game
where everyone can play and have a reasonable chance of success, but not a
lasting entertainment.

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