[MUD-Dev] Capture of players. (was: Fair/Unfair? Scenarios)

Kræn Munck <fluid@bollektivet.dk> Kræn Munck <fluid@bollektivet.dk>
Thu Dec 9 22:47:05 CET 1999

During this discussion I've been wondering: what about capture of PCs by
PCs? Has anyone had any experiences with captivity for an extended period of

This has many role playing uses, and therefore I'm considering it. But I'm a
bit worried about incapacitating the players. An option I've been
considering is letting submission to capture be optional, so that players
can choose to run along with it for role playing reasons, but still be able
to break free at will if it gets too boring/annoying/whatever. I would still
include an in-game way of breaking free, based on dex/skill rolls every once
in a while.

Any comments would be appreciated.

Kræn Munck

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