[MUD-Dev] The GTS Library

J C Lawrence claw at kanga.nu
Fri Dec 10 21:54:33 CET 1999

If the performance claims are anything like they claim (modulo the
lack of GL support), I could see building an interesting client out
of this:


GTS stands for the GNU Triangulated Surface Library. It is an Open
Source Free Software Library intended to provide a set of useful
functions to deal with 3D surfaces meshed with interconnected
triangles. The source code is available free of charge under the
Free Software LGPL license.

The code is written entirely in C with an object-oriented approach
based mostly on the design of GTK+. Careful attention is paid to
performance related issues as the initial goal of GTS is to provide
a simple and efficient library to scientists dealing with 3D
computational surface meshes.

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