[MUD-Dev] Ideas for dynamic worlds

Joe Kingry jkingry at uwaterloo.ca
Sat Dec 11 15:49:16 CET 1999

> From: Nolan Darilek [nolan_d at bigfoot.com]
> Sent: December 10, 1999 4:51 PM
> This algorithm doesn't take into account visibility of distant
> objects. If a mountain range rises past the forest, the algorithm
> would stop after noticing that the forest is too far to see past. One
> workaround which I've considered is marking certain objects as
> 'noteworthy', and thus continuing the recursion and only selecting
> marked objects from the countless others, but this would be a waste of
> CPU time. I'm sure there are ways of handling this; I just don't know
> what they are.

Well not offering any great insight of my own, but I have read some on the
considerations one needs to take in moving to a size/co-ordinate based
system. These include distance of movement, building to scale, LOS
calculations and their load on the CPU (I remember reading about R-Tree's in
relation to this).  Most of what I've read has been on the adv-mud list.  I
went through it again some this afternoon and selected a few of the
posting's. There are at least three thread's on the issue through out the
archive you might want to peruse.


Joe Kingry

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