[MUD-Dev] Mass bannings (was The grass is always greener in the other field)

AR Schleicher ars at iag.net
Thu Dec 16 14:39:53 CET 1999

From: Dundee <SkeptAck at antisocial.com>
> Yah, I think they still have a population problem.

Perhaps not after today.  OSI has supposedly banned a large number of users
for unspecified violations of their ToS (Terms of Service).

From: Glamdring (Upper level UO support volunteer)
> Okay, I talked to OSI....they can't disclose the # of people that were
> this morning =)  But the number is quite large, larger than any previous.

It will be interesting to see what sort of effect, if any, this has on the
quality of the people in the game (if they've supposedly removed such a
large number of the worst people.

From: Dundee <SkeptAck at antisocial.com>
> On the other hand, I
> know about 20 people that WOULD quit playing except for the fact they own
> much property in-game, which is worth real cash money since there isn't
> enough of it to accomodate the number of players,and they just refuse to
> give it up even though they don't even want to play any more.  I can't
> decide if that's "sad" or if it makes OSI laugh their heads off.

Well, some may now be gone...  Supposedly (I have no verification of this,
at this time) a number of the banned people had houses with "co-owners" who
were not banned.  These houses have had their access lists deleted.  Perhaps
these people (and those who were banned) leaving, will cause a noticeable
change for the better.

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