[MUD-Dev] The grass is always greener in the other field

Ian Macintosh iman at issystems.co.nz
Sat Dec 18 13:27:23 CET 1999

    > Raph Koster wrote:
    > > Ilya wrote:
    > > Seems this has already been resolved logically, if not in
    > > implementation,
    > > by the expedient of calculating success based on a
    > > particular state of
    > > the situation (lock and person).
    > Storage issues arise with this. How many tried locks or
    > attempted pickers
    > are you going to keep track of?

I would suspect that you would just keep track of the last one
attempted per player (ie, player.last_picked_lock or whatever).
That'll stuff the macro's up.  And that's all you really want, isn't



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