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Raph & Kristen Koster <koster at eden.com> wrote:

> From: J C Lawrence <claw at kanga.nu>

>> Mention of Strings in Legend can be found somewhere in the
>> archives.  I've been unable to find anything except my reference
>> to them at:
>> I suspect that I have the wrong name (ie something other than
>> "Strings" for the tokens awarded for good RP and trivial pursuit
>> games on Legend.  (Raph?)

> That is indeed the right term, and yes, they did evolve into a
> form of currency, so much so that now we even have multiple
> denominations. :) Maybe search for currency?

"currency" -- 151 matches

I've spent more than an hour trying variously complex search strings
to get nowhere closer than my indirect reference.  Can anyone find
the original (and how)?

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