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Wed Dec 22 17:41:30 CET 1999

On Wed, 22 Dec 1999 13:54:23 -0800 
Justin Rogers <justin at mlstoday.com> wrote:

> [Rahul Sinha]
>> ??? multithreaded USERS?

> Each user has his own thread that he runs in.  Works for up to
> about 20 users.  

Ouch.  Let alone the performance problems with large numbers of
threads on almost all current systems (and in particular the current
Windows* base IIRC), this (as you note) scales horribly.

> I modified this later though.  Each area runs in its own thread,
> and large groups of NPCs have their own threads.  All in all about
> 50 threads get spawned during an uprun.

And how do you handle users visavis your thread model?

>     No not at all.  It isn't quite like that.  I do keep a global
> player up.  But they are still playing the game.  Users transfer
> their information around to others as they are playing.  So if you
> log into the system and your user profile doesn't match the user
> profile that everyone else has of you then you get kicked.

<sigh> This would seem to be begging for man-in-the-middle and other
simple forms of quorum attacks.  For instance, how easy would it be
to persuade your system that an arbitrary character is now bogus and
is to be evicted?  .

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