[MUD-Dev] PGP player certificates (was: collecting ideas...)

David Bennett ddt at discworld.imaginary.com
Thu Dec 23 00:46:32 CET 1999

On 12/22/99, at 9:03 PM, Wesley W. Terpstra wrote: 

>You keep mentioning server-server trust. I've tried to collect my thoughts
>about this here in a fairly general trust framework:

Not sure who originaly talked about this (sorry).  One of the big problems
with allowing co-operative people to run servers in different locations is
not actually network latency and so on...   It is the problem of ownership.
 It makes it much harder for someone to be able to fix a bug in all the
servers, or add their own tweaks into the code.  Or to change the behaviour
of some things in their game, it makes the server part of a whole and
doesn't give the person running it the feeling of ownership...

This social context is actually one of the biggest barriers to people
running co-operative server rings.  Unless your the one controlling all the
servers and running all the servers then people will be less likely to want
to join it, for the reasons above.

Believeing in people's generosity,

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