[MUD-Dev] World-file parsing and RTTI?

The Arrow arrow at trelleborg.mail.telia.com
Wed Feb 10 19:45:15 CET 1999

For my MUD, I have a simple yet pretty good (IMHO :) format for world-files.
A file contains one or more objects (monsters, locations, etc.), and each
object have a list of properties (key-value pairs).  Right now I have a
simple lexer in flex that search for certain keywords like "monster",
"location", "item".  When the parser finds such a keyword I create a new
instance of that specific C++ class.
My goal for the parser is to make it as flexible as possible, all anyone
using my code should have to do, is to add a line to a table.
Now comes the question:  What is the best way to do this?  I have though
about using RTTI, but to my knowledge there exists no platform/compiler
independant system.  I could limit the MUD to just be compileable with gcc
or egcs, but I don't like limiting myself in any way.

/ Joachim
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