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>>Pet peeve #97
>>When someone claiming (doesn't matter to me if it is true or not)
>>another world logs into mine and expects me to treat him any
>>from any other newbie.
>Addendum: Just because we run the same codebase doesn't make us
>Just because we run different codebases doesn't make us enemies.
>Running any
>codebase at all is just as meaningful in real terms for either of
>which is to say, it isn't. ;)

  I'll agree to a point, but there's at least a little professional
courtesy you need to extend. I greet all the new people I can as they
wrap up creation, and if there's a fellow administrator there (as
opposed to the swarms of armchair wannabes LP seems to attract) I'll
make time to say hello and get to know them.
  We all have thankless, boring jobs in our hobby, and it's valuable
know who else is in the game, what their foibles are, and how they
them. Running the same codebase doesn't make us friends, and running a
different codebase doesn't make us enemies, but running any codebase
all responsibly makes us brothers in arms of a sort. We're the only
support each other is likely to have.

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