[MUD-Dev] Re: pet peeves

Richard Woolcock KaVir at dial.pipex.com
Sat Feb 13 00:08:31 CET 1999

diablo at best.com wrote:
> On Fri, 12 Feb 1999, Kristen Koster wrote:
> >
> > I personally love the people who log on for the first time saying, "I love
> > this place! Can I build here?" Our standard answer is "Feel free to propose
> > and area once you reach level 45."

[Newbie logs on demanding to be made an immortal, you tell him no and
kick him off after he gets obnoxious]

No problem with that, I'd act exactly the same.

> So then some guy claiming to be the creator of some mud that this fellow
> is an "imm" on logged on and immediately sent a tell to me saying, "So I
> hear you are having trouble with one of my immortals?" I replied in-role
> and told him that it was preposterous that an 18-year old human male would
> "have" immortal beings to serve him. He carried on out-of-role, I carried
> on in-role. He eventually gave up, but if he wanted to talk to me, he
> doomed himself right away with his first statement.

You were far too kind.  I'd have told him the situation (if I was in a good
mood) then kicked him off the mud if he persisted.

> As Caliban pointed out, and as I said before, I don't see why I should
> care if someone logs on and claims (or is) an admin on another mud.

Agreed again, within reason.  If I logged onto your mud I wouldn't expect
any special treatment (and I very rarely log onto muds as 'KaVir' for this 
very reason).  If you weren't interesting in talking about your mud, then 
I wouldn't press you for more information - but as I said before, most mud
coders are delighted to find someone who actually appreciates the effort
that goes into their work (I often find that coders say "wow! how did you
manage to code that?" to a feature that a non-coder has said "oh, thats
nice" about).  Furthermore, I never ask for any bonuses/levels/etc within
the mud - if I like the mud, I'll want to play properly (or at the very 
least invite the person to join MUD-DEV;), if not, I'll leave.


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