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On Sun, 21 Feb 1999 13:36:02 +0100 
olag <Ola> wrote:

> System Aspects of Sharing a Virtual Reality
> http://www.vr.edu/sharedvr/

I'm now archiving the VRML-Lit list


While much of the traffic is light weight, there are some very
definite gems in there.  

And on an administrative note, Kanga.Nu has yet again had nameserver
problems (they keep "forgetting" that Kanga.Nu exists and I neither
have direct access or control of them).  This most likely resulted in
mail bouncing from Kanga.Nu for many of you.  I finally have a proper
solution to this (new nameservers that I actually have access and
control over).  Unfortunately implementing the fix (moving the
nameservers) will likely have to wait till after LinuxExpo.  With luck
nothing drastic will break before then.

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