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> > >> What MMORPG?
> I have now (shudder) seen references to muds as being "text-based
> [snip history of term]
> Such a hideous term, and I think we're stuck with it now... :(

I prefer to think of it as the natural evolution of MUD. Conceptually, it
seems best to fit it as

MUD  			- Multiple Users combat focused
 |___MU*		- MUD extend social aspect
      |___>MOO		- MUD && MU* extended environment
            |__>MMORPG  - MUG && MU* && MOO extended interface to the game
		 |__MMOS- All the above, extended interface to host platform

As a side note, I think the next leap is pointing at MMOS
(Massively-MultiPerson Operating System) in which the game functions as
much as an interface to the computing device as it does as a game. Need to
work on that term paper? No problem. Assuming we're in a fantasy genre,
simply head over to the Mage Library and write it there.

Or, head to the mage library and grab the books you'll need to write the
paper and stick them in your backpack. Make sure you have some ink and
spare paper in your backpack and head on out with your guild to
(x) location. While you're waiting for the spawn to pop, write your paper
within game. And then print it.

With even demanding resources of these MMORPG's, this conceptual leap 
seems to make sense. But then, strange things make sense to me. YMMV =)


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