[MUD-Dev] Forks or Frameworks?

Koster Koster
Wed Dec 20 16:03:16 CET 2000

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> Personally, I have a difficult time understanding why anyone who is
> setting out to make a good mud would use _any_ copycatted content.

1. Because they want a platform they are familiar with.
2. Because they want to do "X mud but better"
3. Because they want a rapid prototyping platform to test concepts
4. Because they don't have the chops to make everything from scratch
(which doesn't, IMHO, preclude their being able to make a good mud).

Much as we might like to decry stockmud syndrome, it's not a bad thing
for the community, IMHO. If they didn't exist, then we'd just have
fewer people who created new codebases.

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