[MUD-Dev] Curing skill spam (was: Moving away from the level based system)

Phil Hall tholal at bga.com
Wed Dec 27 14:56:52 CET 2000

How about something along the lines of having diminishing returns for
repeated skill use as the player gets better at that skill. When the player
is inexperienced in a skill, repeated use should give them rapid skill
increases. But, as they approach mastery of a skill, repeated uses don't
have any effect, only time does. IE, as long as the player keeps using the
skill every day (or whatever time frame you determine is appropriate),
they'll see a small increase every day. The amount of the increase is NOT
determined on how many times the player used that skill.

Basically, what I'm shooting for, is that you can gain skill points in an
untrained skill easily just by practicing, but, once you start getting
better, practicing becomes less valuable, and experience (ie, time you've
spent knowing that skill and making use of it) becomes more important.
Character age will basically be what determines your skill level after a
certain point. You can add in atrophying if a character doesnt utilize that
skill over a long period of time.

This allows young characters to quickly move up in skill gain early on
through practice (which makes sense), but keeps macroing from being a
viable option to gain better than average level in a skill and keeps the
2-day uber-characters at bay.

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