[MUD-Dev] distributed objects

Jon A. Lambert jlsysinc at ix.netcom.com
Tue Feb 15 17:52:34 CET 2000

Eli Stevens (Grey) wrote:
>It brings up an interesting question: what happens when the meta-game is
>harder than cracking the game (even when you have cracked the game and are
>"cheating")?  The game designer almost says, "Cheat all you want, you still
>cannot win."  What would happen then?  Is such a system possible?

Yes!  There are.  Or at least I think so...
1) A mud that implements a role-playing game of the storyteller variety.  I 
suppose that blatant plagiarism might constitute cheating.
2) A mud with a primary purpose is purely social interaction.  (AKA Mud-Dev - 
What constitutes cheating here?  How do I win?  Are there Mud-Dev meta
games?  ;-) )  
3) Diplomacy, a game where almost every form of cheating is actively 
encouraged.  It's technically feasible to cheat in a few "undesirable ways" 
in the current Net Judge implementation.  Though in FTF play the game is 
immune to cheating, well...short of physically attacking your opponents.  

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