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punitac at prodigy.net punitac at prodigy.net
Thu Feb 17 20:44:54 CET 2000

Hey List,

I've been planing on, and started working on (no code 
yet, just ideas) making a codebase from scratch.  Right 
now what I'd like to do is make a code base that doesn't 
look like all the stock muds, has more features, and is 
easier to add stuff in, also, with less limits.  The 
over all goal is to break has many of the limits that 
most codebases face.  One idea I had, actully, something 
someone brought up on another mailing list, was linking 
muds together.  What I was thinking is there'd be some 
sortof central server, that would link all the muds 
together.  Ways characters could go from one mud, well, 
I was thinking of having gateways, objects that a 
character could go through to get from one mud to 
another.  I was thinking of also having it so areas 
could be linked between muds, so that a character could 
walk from one mud to the other, just by moving through 
the area.  of course, I wouldn't have it so every areas 
linked to another area or anything, since that'd involve 
a lot of work on the server.  Any way, some ideas I had 
for doing this are:

New players would log on to a mud, that's linked to the 
central server.

New characters would each be given an account number, 
the first part of the account number would be the number 
of the mud given to the mud by the central server, or 
maybe a string, the second part would be picked by the 
mud.  ie.  127.98523  the first number is the id number 
of the mud on the server, the second number is the id 
number given to the player by the mud.  the other 
method, brmud.98523   the first part would be the short 
name of the mud, second part, players id number picked 
by the mud.  the second mud would insure, that if a mud 
goes closes, I can reassign the id number of the mud, 
and not mess with things, of course, I might decide I 
don't want to do this, after all, I like numbers ;)

When a player attempts to use a gateway, the mud the 
players on will call into the server a request to move 
the player from one mud to the other, then the server 
would look for the other mud, see if it's up, and taking 
players, and then send in the request to log the player 
into the the second mud, if the second mud says go 
ahead, then the player would then be pulled out of the 
first mud, and logged into the second mud.  The would't 
go through the log in process, but would instead just 
appear in the second mud, at the designated entrance 

Now, about pfiles, I don't want all the muds to be 
pretty much the same, except for areas, otherwise I just 
have pretty much one big stock mud, I'd like Admins of 
individual muds be able to change things in thier code, 
for example, one mud could use channeling from the Wheel 
of Time for magic, while another had magic powers come 
from rocks, and I'd like to allow this.  To do this, 
I've decided to give each character two pfiles, one 
would be for the individual mud, and the second would be 
a tye of pfile accepted on all the muds connected t the 
central server.  What would happen is, when player Joe 
wants to log into to Mud B from Mud A, his second pfile, 
would be sent to mud B, and at mud B, it would be 
converted into a pfile that would fit into the mud.

hmm, I actully have questions though, so no more making 
my not really long by talking about things I had in 

First off, does anyone have advice on how I should do 
the central server?  What I wanted it to do was have it 
so every mud when up would be logged into the central 
server, and always be connected to it.  Any advice on 
how you guys and girls think I should do this would be 

Also, can you take someone's connection, and transfer it 
to another mud?  without doing something like making a 
telnet client just for our mud?  I'd like it to be 
possibly to have any telnet client let you log into the 
mud, and while we do have plans for making a client just 
for our mud, that won't be for a long time.  The thing 
is, I only want muds conncected to the main server, and 
players connect through their muds, when they switch 
muds, their connection would get sent to another mud.  
This is pretty important to me.

That's about it for now I guess,
	Heeten Choxi

PS>I'm also sortof wondering how someof you that run graphical muds started out, just cuirious.

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