[MUD-Dev] code base inquiry

Matthew Mihaly diablo at best.com
Thu Feb 17 21:52:28 CET 2000

It seems I forgot to attach the list of items we auctioned off at our most
recent auction. Here it is if you're interested (sorry if all of it
doesn't make sense. You'd have to know more specifics about our game)

 Vorpal Swords (better, faster longswords)
 Scimitar of the Asp   (hits with the venom Loki, and 1/3 of the time
                        gives a non-specific venom message, which thus
                        cannot be triggered.)
 Eagle's Wings (fly to the clouds)
 Atavian Wings (fly above the clouds)
 Wands of Reflection (create reflections of yourself to confuse opponents)
 Pets (custom pets)
 Houses (custom houses)
 Brass Knuckles (improve physical damage done with unweaponed hands)
 Rings of Flying (fly like the birds)
 Trollskin armour (regenerate like a troll, unless you are one)
 Ring of the magus (increase resistance to magical damage)
 Boomerang of Returning (throw it and bring anyone who is line-of-sight to
 Gaian Plinth  (double sunlight energy gain in the Grove it is placed in)
 Buckawn's Spine  (acts like a faster dirk, for faster doublestab)
 Earrings of Sinope (wear one, give another to a friend. You can summon
                     each other at any time)
 Gems of cloaking  (take yourself off the who list at will)
 Bracelets of sustenance (never get tired, never have to eat)
 Wolverine claws  (burrow around like a Druid in wolverine morph)
 Lasallian lyre (conjure a prismatic shield)
 Pocket chessboard (play chess anywhere)
 Ceylonese Bracelet (increase maxhealth/maxmana by 10%)
 Collar of Diablerie (increase magical damage done by 15%)
 Ceylonese Ring  (increase health elixir effectiveness by 15%)
 Dragonscale armour (like scalemail, but can be worn by anyone)
 Vibrating stick (use Serpentlords' dimensional wormholes to warp around
the land)
 Circlet of the Will (regenerate willpower)
 Velocity Bow (faster, more powerful than a darkbow)
 Cloak of Warmth (immunity to the effects of cold)
 Whip of Taming (tame unruly mobiles, curse someone with the pacification
 Ring of Endurance (regenerate endurance)
 Permanent tattoo  (tattoo that never wears off...tattoos do things like
                    help to heal you, help you travel magically, let you
                    know if anyone is spying on you, cast a web on people,
 Shadowcloak (use the occultist/serpentlord ability shroud)
 Hammer of Forging (cut forging time in half)
 Aldar Diadem (decrease equilibrium recovery time by 15%)
 Scorpion's tail  (sting people with a random venom)
 Mask of lifevision (like the occultist lifevision ability)
 Torc of Telepathy (use the telepathy abilities mind paralyse and mind
 Elemental Staff (cast lightning bolt, dissolution, scintilla, and
 Buckawn's boots (dodge out of the way of web spells)

Sometimes, we sell just one item at an auction, sometimes we sell multiple


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