[MUD-Dev] Client side prediction

Justin Rogers justin at mlstoday.com
Mon Feb 21 14:16:11 CET 2000

[ola wrote]
> That really depends. Many gameplayers in the 80's were pissed off
> because collision detection wasn't pixel-perfect... Again, I want
> examples where players don't get annoyed.

And all games still don't have pixel perfect collision detection.
Check out
brand new games like Donkey Kong 64 on the N64.  The bound rectangles
overlap.  Half of you character can be in another room.  You can be
nearly 180 degress away from someone and still hit them.

Quake3 still has bounding boxes.  I know I have the source.  Half-Life
bounding boxes for players.  No matter what models the player has it
use the polygons to designate a hit.  It uses the bounding boxes that
the models
must fit within.  So I can shoot in the air and still get a headshot
on a kermit

What the guy was proposing is that what both users see doesn't have to
be the
same as long as what they see has the same end effect.  If I am
playing on my
end and we are fighting you don't need information on how my character
beating yours.  You just need to see our two characters fighting.  We
probably record both fight sequences and they would be exactly
But the end results would be the same.  Hes correct on the sequencing
movement in a game.  It doesn't have to be perfect.  I've looked at
all of the
really high speed 3D multiplayer games with 4 or 6 monitors side by
side and
what each of the users sees is totally different from what the others
see.  They
don't waste time transmitting perfect sync crap and they spend more
time giving
the users absolute speed.

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