[MUD-Dev] Privateer-style mu*?

Bobby Bailey chil at gate.net
Mon Feb 28 00:43:46 CET 2000

Greetings list,

I am searching high and low for a space-based trading game, similar to
Privateer, an offshoot of the Wing Commander series of games.

Basically, the type of things I am looking for is a a space system, with 
various planets/outposts/whatever within that system where you can 
purchase a ship (small at first) and do cargo runs between planets, or
mercenary type work, etc. Buy commodity X on PlanetA for 40, sell it on
PlanetB for 70, make a profit, earn money to upgrade your ship systems or
buy new ships, etc.

I would /GREATLY/ appreciate it if anybody with knowledge of such a game 
would contact me with the information.

As a side note, I'd prefer if the system was NOT heavily RP-based, meaning
you could pop on the game, start out in your newbie P.O.S. ship, and start
running around making your fortune without too much initial "prep
time". The closest I have found for this is a mush called HSpace:Merchant
Wars (which is actually exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for), which
is where they use and test the latest version of hspace (a hardcoded
pennmush-addon for full space support), but it crashes at least daily with
downtimes of 5-12 hours after each crash -- not a good place to get yer
tradin'-fix when you're playing one minute and the next you're waiting for
12 hours until you can play again.


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