[MUD-Dev] Minimum community sizes

Dan Root dar at thekeep.org
Mon Feb 28 17:00:31 CET 2000

There's been a lot of talk over the history of mud-dev (and of late) about
the maximum size a community can attain, but how about minimum sizes?

At what point do you cease to have a real community and revert to a couple
of people who are friends or acquaintences governed by multiplepersonal
interactions, rather than an group entity governed by social dynamics?

Thoughts?  Experiences?

/* Dan Root   -   XTEA cipher */  static unsigned D=0x9E3779B9,l=0xC6EF3720,s;
/* t=64bit text, k=128bit key */  #define m(x,y) ((x<<4^x>>5)+(x^s)+k[s>>y&3])
void enc(int*t,int*k){for(s=0;s!=+l;){t[0]+=m(t[1],0);s+=D;t[1]+=m(t[0],11);}}
void dec(int*t,int*k){for(s=-l;s!=0;){t[1]-=m(t[0],11);s-=D;t[0]-=m(t[1],0);}}

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