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On Wed, 3 May 2000 16:48:49 -0700 
Zak Jarvis <zak at voidmonster.com> wrote:

> Can you give me an example of how you tell a compelling story
> using 2000 people at the same time without using a huge degree of
> automation? I simply don't think it can be done.

Compelling for whom?  

Compelling when?

Compelling for someone watching externally?  Compelling for someone
involved in the story during its evolution?  Compelling for someone
uninvolved in the story, but "in the vicinity"?  Compelling for
someone recounting the story, or for their listeners?

Compelling in anticipation of the expected story, during the
(entire) development and evolution of the story, or in retrospect?

If something is going to be compelling you first have to define the
audience and where they are in time.  Remember: Vastly more things
are interesting (and therefore at least somewhat "compelling") in
retrospect, when told over brandies in front of a fire or in the
back of a good pub, than there are that are so interesting during
their actual occurance.

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