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> Currently, I am deciding which programming language would support a GUI
> based client most effectively.  Portability is obviously a consideration,
> while so is development time.  For these reasons, I am pondering the
> potential of Java.  Massive calculations will not need to be made, but I
> a little concerned about what I have seen in its speed with graphical
> components.  Low-interaction video and audio must be supported, along with
> the regular graphical controls like text boxes.

I know virtually nothing about Java. I've done a few tutorials, etc, and
what I've seen I've not been too fond of. Most people know I'm pretty fond
of Python, and although this isn't directly related, I was recently working
on a builder client for LegendMud using a GUI interface. I chose Python with
Python's Toolkit interface, and had a working prototype that worked on
Xwindows, windows, and mac in about 4 hours (not considering the 3-4 hours
it took me to learn the Python/TK api). Minor tweaking was needed to
alleviate some problems between the display nuances of Windows and X, but
once I got it where I liked, the code needed no internal switches, it worked
one way for all platforms.

I'm not 100% sure of the support for video, but audio already has support
libraries in Python.

Worth checking into, perhaps.


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