[MUD-Dev] A footnote to Procedural Storytelling

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> However, if
> :the programmers (artists, management, even audio guys!) have
> the talent, and
> :are willing to learn some craft, I have no problem
> whatsoever with them
> :writing.


> You're a lean and mean coder, AND
> :you write like David Mamet?  I'll pay you the extra bucks to
> do both!


> I'm a professional writer and cartoonist.  I'm also a chef.  I haven't
> got the time to do all of the above full time, much less do so for one
> project.  Not knocking the amatuer muds... I did that too... but there
> is no sense to having this in commercial games, even for more pay.  It
> doesn't make sense from a profit motive...

Yes, that's a good point.  I was trying to be too inclusive, and I
shorthanded a bit.  In fact when I discover a programmer or artist or
whoever with writing talent, I try to actively steal them away from their
other duties (with their consent!).  There are only so many hours in a
lifetime after all.

> I make 80K+ as a programmer.  Were I to write full time, I
> might be able
> to earn something like 60K at it right now, if I sold conservatively
> well.  As a cartoonist, it depends on the circulation... say
> 50K, for a
> decent publication radius, with minor merchandising.  I'm
> sort of making
> an educated guess there, mind...

As for how much you can make at each one, that's a valid point too.  But I'd
like to think some people are motivated by something other than what pays
them the most money.  Most of my career decisions have been based on doing
what sounded challenging and interesting, and not worrying about the
payscale.  I've always annoyed my agents for this reason.  Which would you
rather do?  Which do you NEED to do?  If it's programming, no problem.  But
if you turn your back on something that is burning inside of you, all the
money in the world won't make you happy.  Or buy you love. ;-)


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