[MUD-Dev] Are eBay sales more than just a fad?

Corey Crawford myrddin at seventh.net
Tue Sep 12 11:28:20 CEST 2000

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> From: Dave Rickey
>     But why (from an executive's viewpoint) settle for making $15 on the
> player-to-player sale of a $150 UberWeapon, when you could sell the same
> thing outright and take the whole $150 as pure profit?
>     That's why I say it's like being a "little bit pregnant".  The game that
> takes the first step makes higher profits than the one that doesn't.  The
> game that takes the second makes yet higher profits.  Higher profit margins,
> more money you can get the execs to kick loose on marketing, more marketing
> means higher player numbers.

Of course, this is based on the fact that the people making that first game have
absolutely no morality or conscience. To me, that would be equivalent to having a used car
salesman selling a car that HAS to repaired in his shop... of course, he even makes SURE
the car is broken so you HAVE to bring it back and thus give generate even more money for

In the case of a game, it's almost even worse in a moral sense - you create something out
of nothing in a matter of seconds (absolutely no overhead to you) aka uberswordofdeath and
turn around and sell it to the player who wants it the most and has the largest credit

Not to mention that the player didn't even earn it.. I honestly believe that these virtual
worlds should be contained and not influenced by outside forces (in this case, real life
money). You play in the world, with it's rules, and truly earn what you get in that world.
Just because your rich in the real world doesn't mean you should be rich in a completely
separate virtual world.

- Oh! In case you didn't notice, I'm new to this forum! So hi!


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