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> WebRPG: A Great Idea Gone Bad

Interesting article J C, but I think the author is confusing the
issues of cheap gamer bastards and poor quality of service from a
product. I think it is a fallacy that gamers won't pay for online
gaming. There are more than a few small services I know of that do
quite well of pay-for services (eg battlemail.com ) but they do this
by being smart and offering a great product that is well supported
with clear value for the pay-for proposition.

Offer a buggy service that's poorly implemented and poorly
introduced to the public and it will fail online as it would fail in
real life. Problem is online games companies don't seem to
understand this. Right now I bet the WebRPG team are bemoaning
cheap-bastard gamers, ignoring the fact that their service isn't
worth what they want to charge.

At the same time I have been talking to games companies for work
recently and one spoke of gamers -asking- to be charged for a
service so they could get the best access to it (ahead of all the
free users).

Gamers will pay. But paying involves the game company running a
business selling services/products with true value. Bad business
online will fail as bad business offline does.

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