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Derek Snider derek at idirect.com
Mon Nov 19 13:50:39 CET 2001

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> From: Andrew Wilson

> a while back someone detailed a quick survey they'd made of the
> popularity of muds out there.  I couldn't find the email in the
> archive, so either I'm imagining it all or it's just a paragraph
> in a bigger post.  No matter...
> I wrote a little survey widget to visit every mud I could find and
> look for information detailing the number of currently connected
> users.

Seems you've missed a lot of mainstream muds on your list.

What resources did you consult to build your list of "about 2000"?

I see none of the high ranking MUDs from www.topmudsites.com on your

On www.mudconnector.com if I do a search for MUDs with 100+ average
online users, I get nineteen entries.  Your list had about four or

I know of at least two or three MUDs that maintain an average of
over 500 players online, yet they are not on this list.


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