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Andrew Wilson andrew at aaaaaaaa.demon.co.uk
Wed Nov 21 11:26:56 CET 2001

Derek Snider:

> Seems you've missed a lot of mainstream muds on your list.

Oh I've found them, certainly, it's just that a large number of them
do not provide a simple means to find out how many users are
connected.  I didn't want to have to create a character on every
site just so that I could type 'WHO', perferring to use information
available at the login-screen.  Many sites don't provide a WHO
command, or an equivalent, at the login screen.

> What resources did you consult to build your list of "about 2000"?

It's a compilation of several available mudlists and similar fansite

> I see none of the high ranking MUDs from www.topmudsites.com on
> your list.
> On www.mudconnector.com if I do a search for MUDs with 100+
> average online users, I get nineteen entries.  Your list had about
> four or five.
> I know of at least two or three MUDs that maintain an average of
> over 500 players online, yet they are not on this list.

Cool, what are those sites, I guess I need to revisit
topmudsites/mudconnector?  I'm certainly not saying that the methods
I'm using are foolproof, either for finding sites or for extracting
useful information from them.  This 'survey' is very much a work in
progress, so I'd expect the sites I know about to increase, and the
'top-10' to change accordingly.  More importantly, I'd expect
changes to the early observations I'd made regarding the general
nature of bigger sites.

Several of the 'invisible' sites *do* offer informatoin on their
webserver home-pages, counts of players connected etc.  I'll be
expanding the surveys methods to use this new information as well in
the future, even though it tells me less that is useful about the
actual mud server configuration itself.


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