[MUD-Dev] "sweeping change"?

Sellers Sellers
Wed Nov 21 18:48:37 CET 2001

Matt wrote:

> Look, when was the last time you heard anyone in the media mention
> Dungeons and Dragons except in reference to computer games or in
> reference to that movie that came out a year ago (which must have
> been a joke. I didn't see it, but come on.)

A bit of trivia: a few years ago I was in discussions with the guy
who was the executive producer of the D&D movie (via his
production/publication house, Sweet Pea) to buy the computer game
rights to Traveller.  Even then he was pretty "Hollywood", so it
didn't surprise me to see him behind the D&D movie.  When I saw that
that movie had actually been made and was coming out, I waited to
see what sort of effect it would have on the popular culture.  The
answer, of course, was zero, or maybe less than zero.  It sure
didn't do gaming any favors.  (OTOH, I do still hold our hopes for
the LOTR movies doing for fantasy and gaming what Star Wars did for
science fiction back in the mid-seventies.)

Oh, one reason I didn't pick up the Traveller rights is because the
audience was about 10,000 to 15,000 people, and that was being
generous.  Even with the prevalence of computer gamers amongst that
crowd, it didn't end up looking like a good deal.  I'm kind of sorry
sometimes, as I'd love to make computer/online Trav games, but as a
business decision the appeal from paper gaming has almost entirely

Mike Sellers
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