[MUD-Dev] Scripting languages

Jason Murdick osiris at arkansas.net
Thu Jun 19 15:52:48 CEST 2003

On Wednesday, May 28, 2003 12:55 PM Sanvan wrote:

> We've used spidermonky with great success; it replaced an earlier
> and more cludgy home-brewed scripting system. I can pass the name
> of the coder who implemented that to you, if you want to email me.


That would be fantastic. I had checked out that Lua mud, but I'm not
really interested in totally doing a mud in lua. Rather, I am
looking to use it to script more complex features like behavior. No
more mudprogs for me. :-)

Anyway, if you could pass his name to me or if you'd feel more
comfortable pass my email to him. Its osiris at arkansas.net. Thanks!

- Jason Murdick
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