[MUD-Dev] MMO Launch issues ruining potential segments of the market.

Mike Shaver shaver at off.net
Thu Jun 19 17:32:24 CEST 2003

On Jun 19, Mike Shaver wrote:

> Other problems with server stability, client stability, etc. don't
> seem PvP-centric either.  My greater fear is that [Shadowbane's
> rough launch] will make it harder for other rookie shops to get a
> decent deal with a publisher, and they don't all have Wolfpack's
> initial nest egg to get started with.

I should add, perhaps in Wolfpack's defense -- not that they need me
to defend them; they're big boys -- that also involved a rookie
publisher, at least in terms of MMO delivery.  I'm sure that Uru and
Wolfpack's next project will both be much smoother for the
Shadowbane experience.

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