[MUD-Dev] Looking for a GUI Mud Development program

Snicker Furfoot snicker at pinkpig.com
Fri Jun 20 11:01:18 CEST 2003

I once had the fortune of coding on a very simple in-game system in
a Shadowrun-based DIKU mud.  Everything was menu-driven, and it made
it very easy to code 99% of the "world", including mobs and objects.
I'm looking for something along the same lines, actually, I'd prefer
a GUI if possible, that will allow me to build the world without
manually writing every little piece of code.  A windows-compatible
system would be best, especially if the mud was also windows-based,
but if not, I have a linux box to run the mud on.

I've looked at a few programs, but nothing seemed really functional,
so I'm hoping to get some experienced input.

The final goal (for the curious) is a pop-culture social mud with a
low-user base.  I've had a lot of ideas that I just want to put in a
game before my brain explodes ;)

Snicker Furfoot
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