[MUD-Dev] The Price of Being Male

Paul Schwanz pschwanz at comcast.net
Fri Jun 27 11:37:58 CEST 2003

Rayzam wrote:

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>   He says men are more comfortable with other men, which is why
>   they prefer to bid on male bodies.

I've never bought an avatar on e-bay, but I imagine my reasons for
bidding on a particular avatar would be very similar to my reasons
for creating an avatar via character generation.  I find myself more
easily immersed in the sort of avatars with which I can strongly
identify. This means I'm more comfortable with other men?  Trying to
imply this from my choice of an avatar or extrapolating that I
somehow value men more than women because of the sort of avatar I
might choose to bid on does not really live up to my expectations
for an unbiased and scientific study.

It seems quite plausible to me that male avatars might be in higher
demand simply because most male players prefer to play male avatars
and that this really has very little to say about gender salaries in
the real world.  Trying to make it say something of the sort seems
misguided at the least and likely prompted by political more than
scientific reasons.

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