[MUD-Dev] SW:G this is so unfair

Martin Bassie martin at lyrastudios.com
Sun Jun 29 13:41:15 CEST 2003

Marian Griffith wrote:

> I know this is entirely off topic for the list, but I just had to
> get it off my chest :(

> Why do I have to wait another 6 months just to be able to get the
> UK version of this game? I wanted to give it a try but by that
> time I probably will not bother anymore since the player base will
> be firmly entrenched in their clans and cliques.  Unless I am
> prepared to stick with some ger- mans on a european server of
> course :(

Living in The Netherlands, I can totally understand where you're
coming from. I really don't intend to play the game (time
restrictions and such), but for some reason not being -able- to buy
a copy is more of an incentive to try to get one just the same.

One thing you may want to try is get an American accomplice to
forward the SWG package to you :), once it's been delivered to his
or her abode. It can be in the UK in 3-5 days -- but you'll probably
have to pay for the shipping. At the worst, you'll have lost about 2

On the side, the initial Launch Day from Hell may be one of the
reasons why having to wait a few months is not necessarily a bad
thing if you ask me. Something that struck me as odd is the apparent
overload of the registration servers. I always figured that a simple
traffic filter would be able to take care of that (just limit your
bandwidth, so the amount of simultanous requests becomes
manageable). Alternatively, does anyone know if there are any decent
ways of testing such a server load, short of `fork`ing a number of

I would love to get my hands on a post-mortem of SWGs launch. It's
good stuff to learn from. :)

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