[MUD-Dev] Architecture

Peter Peter
Sun Jun 29 22:40:45 CEST 2003

As I wrote earlier, I have been thinking about an architecture, that
would scale "pretty well", or, almost unlimitedly.

I have drawed this basic design (very initial, many subsystems are


Functionaly, the client connects to Connection Manager (CM) which in
turn connects to the Cell Handler (CH). Now, the CM can request a
handower request to the client, to connect to other CM. This way,
the redundancy of CM is achieved. Ideally, the client would have
opened connections to 2 CMs at all time, but this would be a overdo,
i think :)

There is also need for some loadbalancing between all CMs. The
obvious way would be some overseer, but this should be implemented
as distributed function, not as a central one (single point of

The connections of CM to Object DB are purely for UI
handling. (Showing statistics/inventory...)

Now the Cell Handlers (CH) are the most important part, as they are
spatialy divided parts of classical mud server.  They too, has basic
loadbalancing functionality, just as CM. If the load of a cell is
getting too high, the cell should minimise the region it handles,
with subsequential communication with other cells. ("Cell

Other components would mostly connect to CH., as the interactionion
between anything should be possible only through CH.

There is surely much more to think about, but this was at least some
design i could come to.

I would appreciate any comments, as to how "real" this design can
be; and what have I missed.

Peter "Pietro" Rossmann
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