[MUD-Dev] A couple of Wired articles on open-source metaverse and WoW's catering to players

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about an open-source metaverse, basically what my recent posts were

Built by independent contributors, the open-source metaverse is an
infinitely extensible virtual world with few rules and no oversight
from corporate overlords.

  Instead of the game being developed by a game corporation, it
  would be developed by multiple users donating time in sort of a
  wiki style," said Ludlow, a philosophy professor at the University
  of Michigan.  "This is a different picture, one in which the games
  would emerge in a bottom-up kind of way. The structure wouldn't be
  dictated, but would emerge from numerous people trying to extend
  the game space.


talks about Wow and how it is quite indulgent of the player.

  How indulgent is World of Warcraft? The game actually rewards you
  for not playing it. If you log out of the game in an inn, you get
  double experience for a while when you return later. According to
  the documentation, staying away from the game for a week should
  give you about a level and a half worth of experience point
  bonuses, the better to catch up with your more obsessive online

I recall there being at least one thread on this on here.

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